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Welcome to Xtreme Travels, the top travel agency when it comes to extreme travelling! Let us stand by your side, while realizing your dreams. Hunt treasures, skydive, go sandboarding or swim with whales. Stop wasting time, live now!

Off the beaten track

We'll take you to places, that no man has seen before. Literally, off the beaten track. Our agency is famous for organizing trips to wild destinations. We co-operate with local guides all over the world, who are willing to take you through some of the world's wildest and unexplored regions!

Xtreme activities

Not only are you going to visit wild places, but you're actually going to get wild yourself while at it! During our travels, we've had people dive around blue whales, go sandboarding in the desert and track down cobras in the tropical rainforests of India!

Safety first!

We take safety very seriously! This is why we have employed some of the best experts in the fields of extreme sports, survival in the wild, tracing and medical treatment to accompany you everywhere. All activities are supervised by top-class instructors!

leave it all up to us

We strongly believe that travelling is the purest form of entertainment. As such, it should not be spoilt with anxiety over arrangements. The only step you need take is book your trip with us. From then on, we'll handle everything else, from picking you up from your doorstep, to offering you the best time of your life and returning you home!

Swim with whales!

They are friendlier than you think!

let's skydive!

15,000 ft sounds good?

Let's go safari!

Leave your jackets home.

mountain type?

Trust us to take you to the top!

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Trips planned for the next three months! Don't waste any time as prices might go up. Book for 5 and take a 6th person with you 100% for free.

Holidays in Tokyo, Japan. Learn the art of the Samurais

Tokyo Tour

26/08/16 — for 20 days.

All inclusive

Samurai instruction

€2100 / — total

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Visit the Arctic Ocean on a luxurious cruise, dive in frozen waters!

Arctic Exploration

08/09/16 — for 17 days.

Full board

Dive in frozen waters!

€1700 / — total

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Welcome to Sahara desert, live with the nomads!

Sahara desert

02/10/16 — for 14 days.

All inclusive

Live with nomads

€1500 / — total

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Visit the Aussie swamp lands

Aussie Swampland

25/10/16 — for 25 days.

All inclusive

Track wildlife with experts

€2500 / — total

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Clients first — always

I've had the best time of my life thanks to you Xtreme Travels! I never imagined I would see a shark up close. Not only did I see it, but I actually got to feed it behind the titanium bars of the cage we were in with my diving instructor. Thank you very much, I'm already saving up for my next trip! Pierre Auguste-Pierre Auguste
My childhood dream has been to go through the Amazon, track down snakes and fish with my bare hands, now thanks to Xtreme Travels, it's true. Our guide taught us the basics of tracking down wildlife in a rainforest and showed us how to catch fish in the river like our ancestors. Pierre Auguste-Leonid Kirill
I had been saving up to visit Tokyo for a long time and my main worry was to get the most out of my experience. I trusted Xtreme Travels, and boy did they deliver! We explored Japanese culture in the utmost depth while also being instructed in the basics of the martial arts of the Samurai. Pierre Auguste-Antonio Lorenzo

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