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About me

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2012-today 2006-2012 2002-2006 1998-2002

Freelance Photographer

2012 - today

In 2012 I decided that life is too short to not do what pleases me the most. I quit my job and since then I've travelled in every single continent, visiting over 40 countries to capture life in its wildest or most peaceful moments.

Chinese nature

Senior Photographer — The Scorching News, London UK

2006 - 2012

For 6 years I worked and lived in one of Europe's largest capitals. While working The Scorching News I had to visit over 20 countries, capturing breathtaking photography for news coverage. I also organized about 30 photography exhibitions.

Big Ben by night

Junior Photographer — Tuesday Times, NYC

2002 - 2006

For 3 years I worked as a junior photographer where I provided support to senior photographer in editing and capturing astounding photography for story covers.

NYC from helicopter

BA in Fine Arts & Photography — School of the Art, Institute of Chicago

1998 - 2002

During my studies at the School of the Art in Chicago I excelled in the Fine Arts and Art History. I familiarized myself with the aesthetics of a variety of arts movements while trying to develop my own style.

University entrance

Contact me

1627 Mount Tabor
New York, NY 10013