About us

Akustix is a premium acoustic guitar manufacturer based in Norway. We offer handmade guitars crafted by the world's finest luthiers. Trust us to craft your unique and customized instrument to accompany you in the world of music.

Unique Tone

Our guitars have a unique tone due to the variety of woods we use. From the classic Maple, Alder and Poplar bodies to the exotic Koa, Rosewood and Padouk. For custom orders, you get to make the choice!

Top-class luthiers

Our guitars are crafted by some of the world's finest luthiers. Currently, more than a hundred luthiers are employed by Akustix. Trust them to make the instrument of your dreams with love and passion.

Custom Orders

If our standard models do not suit your needs, look no further! Instead, work together with us providing your exact specifications and it will be our pleasure to provide you with the instrument you so desire. Moreover, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.


At Akustix, we do realise that good instruments, need good wood. Nevertheless, we guarantee that at least 80% of your instrument will consist of recycled material without any impact on its tone. We love nature, we love music.

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We trust in you

We were about to appear at a new venue in Chicago, IL. My guitar was stolen just before the show. Luckily, the venue lent me a guitar. It was the first time I held an Akustix. Since then, I've acquired 4 of them and I wouldn't change them for any other guitar. Pierre AugusteGuitarist of "JazzTastix"
-Pierre Auguste
I've been saving up for about four years, busking in the streets of Moscow, to build the guitar of my dreams. At last, the time had come to buy it! My savings were well spent to acquire a handcrafted Akustix. Best guitar I've ever had in my life. Thank you. Pierre AugusteMoscow Busker
-Leonid Kirill
We were recording some unplugged version of our latest death metal album "Taxidermians" and could not find the acoustic guitar to suit our tone! To the rescue came Akustix, I'd like to thank you for a most wonderful instrument ♥ Pierre AugusteGuitarist of "NecroWorm"
-Antonio Lorenzo

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